Optical Probe K01-USB

The K1-USB optical probe enables data transfer between devices equipped with a USB interface and consumption meters in accordance with EN 62056 (IEC 1107). Optical reflections in the probe are eliminated as standard; if optical reflections should be desired, a “clean” electrical echo in the probe will be generated.

Drivers are available for all operating systems from Windows XP and higher.

The ergonomic casing prevents the daylight filter from being scratched because the filter can be easily restored. Horizontal grooves improve grip.

  • Optical interface pursuant to EN 62056 (IEC 1107)
  • Transfer speed of 50….19200 baud
  • Bit-serial transfer, half-duplex
  • Possible interface levels: V.24, TTL and negated TTL
  • Electricity supply from the USB interface
  • Recognised as a low-power device
  • Diameter: 32mm; length: 22mm
  • Weight: 65g, including 1.5m cable and connector
  • Casing material: Delrin (POM), black
  • Magnetization: Outward-oriented towards the North Pole
  • Magnetic retention force: ~15N