The Company

gebude2011_260_150The P+E Process Technology and Electronics team has developed customer-specific hardware and software since 1978. Customers are mostly energy and water supply companies and their suppliers, as well as energy service providers which take energy and water consumption readouts.

The product portfolio contains components for metering technology applications, such as optical probes which make data transfer possible between devices equipped with serial, USB or Bluetooth interfaces, and consumption meters with optical interfaces in accordance with EN62056 and ANSI C12.18-1996. Interface converters for RS232 interfaces and common M-Bus and CL/0-bus systems are also featured in the delivery program.

P+E Technology moved into a new building in Waldsolms in 2007. This has made modern production space available. A site plan can be found at this site.

In 2012 a change of generation was made. Fred Emky goes into retirement, his son Stephan Emky takes over the business and will continue proceedings. Forward looking customer satisfaction has priority.