Digital IO Modul K01-IO88

K01-IO88 is a wifi network relay with 8 inputs and 8 outputs.Users can control devices at any time under three modes of Wifi, direct connection and remote connection.

Parameter Value
Dimension 190x118x23mm(L*W*H)
Working Voltage DC 12V/15~60V
Power Consumption 12V: Max 7W
15~60V: MAX 8W
Operating Temperature -40~85°C
Storage Environment Temperature:-40~85°C
Relay Voltage 10A 277VAC/28VDC
12A 125VAC
Shipping List USR-IO88*1,12VDC,Ethernet Cable
  • TCP interface, control switch through local area and remote network
  • 8 channel relay outputs under the open/close condition at all times
  • 8 channel configurable inputs which can report the input state
  • Extract RS485 interface. Users can extend device conveniently.
  • Double net gapes and support LAN and WAN
  • Support the password vertification and realize the safety control of the device
  • Each relay access has 6 accesses switch function at certain times.
  • Input light-coupled isolation and isolate the interference of the outside
  • Output the latch and prevent the relay from the interference
  • The controlled software supports 5 platform: Windows, IOS, Android, Webpage, you can choose freely
  • Restore the factory setting and return to the original state